Where did we leave off?  Oh!  Okay, so house fire is extinguished, both dogs are safe, and now we have to figure out what the hell just happened and what we are going to do…

My sons were absolutely amazing through this whole thing.  They sat in the car, calmly watching their baby sister while my husband and I were trying to find out what happened and what we were going to do.  Once the fire trucks left, an eery quiet came over our whole property.  Still not fully processing anything that is happening or has happened.

As we all stood there, my phone started blowing up with notifications.  I ignored them, figuring the bells were texts from people checking in. I wasn’t really in the mood to chat at that point.  Nope.  The notifications were from Amazon telling me they couldn’t deliver my packages because my driveway was blocked by fire trucks. Son of a bitch.  I forgot about Christmas.  Panic starts to set in. My kids have just witnessed their first tragic event and now they aren’t going to have presents to open on Christmas because I’m a notorious last minute, Amazon shopper. I immediately got on the phone with Amazon to try to reroute the deliveries to my Mother In Law’s house, but it was too late. Their customer service was amazing and assured me they would redeliver the items and leave them at our house the next day.

My MIL picked up the kids so The Husband and I could head to Target to buy some necessities before spending the night at her house.  We locked the dogs in the barn and set off to the store.  We were exhausted, dirty, and hungry; which of course means that we would run into every person we know!   It was really hard to smile, give pleasantries, and not   I was desperate for a hot shower and say “my house just burned down, how’s your day?”  We wandered aimlessly around the store trying to think of all of the things we would need to get through the next few day. Diapers? Toothpaste? Deodorant?  It was so overwhelming!

We finally made it back to my MIL’s house where she had dinner ready, my BIL had a whiskey on ice for me, and my kids were distracted with playing with their uncle and dreaming about Christmas.  I think we finally fell asleep around midnight…

I woke up at 4am and went outside to dig through the car for my clothes.  As I walked up I noticed a smashed pumpkin on the ground.  My first and only thought was “where the hell do you find a ripe pumpkin 2 days before Christmas?”  That was a dumb first thought, but it was such a random thing and it was so dark and cold that I didn’t process beyond that one thought.  The husband and I decided to leave when the sun came up and head out to the house to survey the damage and start salvaging anything we could.  We walked up to the car and noticed a dent and broken mirror on the driver side.  Apparently the smashed pumpkin was more than some ripe Christmas pumpkin.  Some jackass thought that throwing a pumpkin at a car in the middle of the night was just good fun…

Let’s run a tally of the past 24 hours really quick:

House Fire 2 Days Before Christmas

No Christmas Presents

Pumpkin Damaged Car


This would break a normal person.  Luckily I’m far from normal.  I just laughed hysterically and drove off toward our house. At this point, what else could I do?